Axing For Trouble

Can this older, ex-military woodsman find love with a curvy girl hiding a big secret?

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His Flame
His Heat

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Sculpting Her Curves
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Breaking His Resolutions
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My Beastly Boss
Teaching the Alien


Tricky Situationship PREORDER
Tricky Situationship

He's a grumpy billionaire. I'm his cleaning lady. It would never work...

Axing For Trouble
Part of: Good With His Hands: Season 2 (16 books)

Can this older, ex-military woodsman find love with a curvy girl hiding a secret?

His Curvy Fake Bride
Part of: Dearly Beloved (15 books)

He's a billionaire grump who wants me to be his fake wife. Trouble is, I'm falling for him for real...

Bred by the Enemy
Part of: Baby Breeder Session 2 (19 books)

He's my enemy. But this notorious bad boy is determined I'm going to have his baby. An instalove, MC Lite romance featuring a curvy girl and the MC president who falls hard for her...

The Playboy's Topaz
Book 9 of 9: Jewel of the Month

Will the gorgeous playboy risk everything for the curvy woman he makes a fake fiancee deal with?

Curvy Girl and the Grumpy Santa
Part of: Mistletoe Love (12 books)

My brother's best friend is the biggest, grumpiest Santa I've ever encountered. But am I imagining things, or does he have a twinkle in his eye every time he sees me?

Rocked by the Bad Boy
Part of: All the Jingle Ladies (8 books)

Stalked by the Scorpio
Part of: Spicy Astrology (12 books)

What happens when a bossy billionaire meets the girl of his dreams for one night only? A steamy safe stalker romance with the sexiest star sign of them all!

Fir Real
Part of: Black Timber Peak Mountain Men (5 books)

Back for You
Part of: Second Chance Sweethearts (11 books)

The gorgeous billionaire who broke my heart is back in my small town. The chemistry is still there but should I give him a second chance?

Wheel of Fortune
Part of: Love Games (7 books)

Despite the age gap, could this mysterious guy be the one? Love is a game, but I don't know the rules...

Raising Her Roof
Part of: Good With His Hands (13 books)

A reverse grumpy sunshine small-town romance with a hot blue collar guy who likes to get on top.

His Curvy Secret
Part of: Club Curves (19 books)

He's my brother's best friend. A billionaire who doesn't stop until he gets what he wants. And now he

Lost with my Dad's Best Friend
Part of: Stranded at Christmas Series (AB Shared World) (8 books)

He's a grumpy, gorgeous billionaire turned mountain man. We're thrown together trying to make it back to Snowflake Falls for the holidays. Except a huge snow storm is headed right our way. Our car gets trapped, but he finds a cabin for us to shelter in and things start to heat up. I've never felt this good before. There's just one huge problem. He's my Dad's best friend and totally off limits...

Searing with Sven
Part of: Home Cooked Holidays (13 books)

My Dashing Holidate
Part of: Snowflakes and Holidates (8 books)

He’s a huge, growly mountain man. She’s the curvy new girl in town. When she needs a holidate for the Icicle Ball who will melt first?

My Holiday Surprise
Part of: Curves For Christmas (17 books)

Can these two enemies find a second chance at love this Christmas in this steamy holiday workplace romance?

Leonora's Manster
Part of: Make A Manster (12 books)

An opposites attract, paranormal, steamy Halloween romance featuring the perfect guy who doesn't believe in magic and the witch he falls in love with...

Finding Her Tempo
Part of: Rock My World (9 books)

Will this rock star with a secret find love with his much younger employee when they're stuck together on tour?

Love, Honor, Sacrifice
Part of: Heart of a Wounded Hero (61 books)

Hot Boss Summer
Part of: Hot H.E.A. Summer (8 books)

An age gap alpha billionaire curvy girl short and steamy romance

Getting Cozy with the Innkeeper
Part of: Pink Collar Temp Agency (7 books)

A curvy city girl gets cozy in a small town with the gorgeous cinnamon roll hero in this short, steamy, instalove romance!

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Hello! I'm Jessa and I write about curvy women and the alpha men who can't resist them. Short, steamy and upbeat is the name of the game.

I hope you (like me) enjoy a guaranteed Happy Ever After! Whether you're into office, holiday or second chance romance, hot billionaires, small town shenanigans or enemies to lovers intrigue, I'm here to fulfil your reading desires!

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